Looking for Nextcloud SysAdmin with PHP development experience

Hey, Nextcloud Community!

We’ve got something really neat cooking and chances are that we need you! Are you the kind of person who digs deep into Nextcloud, playing around with hosting and tinkering with custom apps? Also, does the world of web3 and decentralized storage get you excited? If you’re nodding right now, you’re exactly who we’re looking for!

What we appreciate

  • Nextcloud Experience: You should enjoy working with Nextcloud, especially hosting and creating custom apps.
  • Decentralized Enthusiasts: You should be ready to learn about web3 and decentralized storage interest.
  • Nextcloud Plugin Experience: We are working on our own plugin, you should too

Our Dream: We’re all about giving teams their own space to collaborate, but with a twist – it’s all about being self-hosted and the data decentralized.

If this sound interesting and you want to discuss details please send us an email at communications@metaprovide.org

Cheers, MetaProvide