Looking for Nextcloud Developper - set up/personalization (paid mandate)

Hello everyone,

My company uses nextcloud and we would need some help regarding the following points:

  1. Set up & implementation : we would like some help regarding the set up of a few modules (signature, openoffice, etc.). Currently, its not working well (not possible to sign / Office module bugs)

  2. Development of a personalized form : we would like to develop a form that suits our needs regarding the onboarding of clients. In short, we would like our client to connect on nextcloud fill out the form (e.g. identity + company creation) and be able to forward and invite to other people. The results of the form would be stored on a dedicated file (e.g. Creation of X company) with an excel sheet assembling the information provided by all participants (Marc + Bertrand, etc.). Invitation and modification should be possible.

  3. Additionnal perzonalisation: we would like to discuss the possibility to add some personalized elements. For instance,

a) Email: link an email to a folder / file

b) Calendar : Add a “private” calendar (if shared we can see the person is busy but not the information)

c) Talk : add directly a given talk to a (Client’s) folder

d) Notes : add directly a note to a direct (Client’s) folder