Looking for Hosting provider in Germany


I’m looking for a hosting provider for a friend of mine, who wants to start business with a small company.

The requirements are

  • security
  • stability
  • managed hosting (no own IT skills)
  • 10 users
  • 500 GB storage
  • Talk
  • Office

And for starting a new business it would be helpful if not too expensive.

I already took a look at the most famous providers operating in Germany but the information publicly available is not very satisfactory exp. when it comes to backup.

Of course it is nice to have snapshot based backups where you can easily switch back to a previous state, however a requirement would be to also have traditional file based backup from time to time where files and database are included, which you can also put offsite or even download.

Also the time frame of backup availability (one week or similar) sometimes is much to short for business purpose, as sometime it could take somewhat longer to notify that something very important has vanished or get broken.

As I’m absolutely new to Nextclould it is possible that I missed something obvious so be lenient.

Thanks for your help.

The most hoster do not write about backup.

For hosting maybe look here. Not tested but the biggest german Nextcloud hoster.


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@devnull Thanks for your answer.

Indeed Telekom seems the only one I found till now offering also file based backup.

Previously I checked with IONOS, Hetzner and hosting.de and all do not seem to offer that. IMHO this contradicts the spirit of freedom you are after when deciding to use open source software. Without such kind of backup you would be locked-in to a hoster forever without the chance to get your data to a different one.


kontaktieren SIe uns gerne. Wir bieten fully-managed Nextcloud an, mit täglichen Backups.


Why not Hetzner? They do backup and also offer Nextcloud managed by hetzer itself:
You say you’re absolutly new to Nextcloud without experience, so I advice you to use a managed Nextcloud and not do it by your own.

Hello Peter.

Thanks for you answer.

Why not Hetzner? They do backup and also offer Nextcloud managed by hetzer itself

From what I found the backup does not meet the requirements we have.