Looking for Grocery or shopping list

Hi all,

One thing I am still missing in nextcloud is a more or less dedicated shopping list or grocery list app. One with a history of previously bought items, or a checklist or pantry list to quickly tick off what is out of stock in your pantry and should go on the shopping list. And the list should be sharable between family members quickly and reliably.

Nextcloud would be ideal to put this. I know there are other platforms. But I don’t want to open up my internet connection to many different applications. And Nextcloud is definitely on my “trust-list”.

And I know there have been some good attempts in the past, but they all fizzled away or got abandoned.

Does anyone have the same request? Or am I overlooking an app that can suit my need? Does anyone use nextcloud somehow for this. I tried notes. But that was too cumbersome for this use-case for me. A dedicated app would be great.
I’m not a programmer myself, so I hope someone gets inpired :slight_smile:

Just as an idea, it would be great then to interface with the cookbook app as well, e.g. if you want to prepare a specific dish, you can add it to your grocery list (and perhaps the format how you store such data).

As a workaround, you could use one of the notes app or deck, the one that provides the best support for your mobile devices.

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There is this app: GitHub - tobiasKaminsky/grocerylist: Grocery list for Nextcloud

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I thought there might be something, but I didn’t find it in the app store…

yes, I know about @tobiasKaminsky app. Its been there for a few years already I think. It would be great if he publishes it. I noticed now that there is some activity on the app again. At least I think there are some manual commits between the dependabot’s.
@tobiasKaminsky, if you read this, can you comment? What are your plans? As you see, we are interested in playing with the app, if you could publish it.

I 'd like the integration with a cookbook as well. But a basic simple but effective grocerylist, that I can share with my wife would already be great.



first, I am very honored that you and others know about my ap.
The app is in a pre-alpha state.
This is why I did not yet published it.
But you can simply clone it and built it via “make appstore” and then deploy the zip file on your server.

What is not working

  • sharing (you can share it via db…)
  • re-sorting of categories

I just have no real time to work on it.
Apart from this it is working fine.
We use it daily since years.
With recent changes to new vue libraries it is really a big improvement.

So you log into the web interface when you are shopping or can you access it via the android app?

Hi Tobias!
Thanks for personally responding.
And for clarifying the state ans your plans.
The “simply build it” didn’t quite work out.
I had to install vite and upgrade nodejs. But somehow I still run into a compile issue om my laptop that I am chasing

Would it be possible to make a precompiled version available for us simple Nextcloud users? Or is that almost the same as publisihing it? If you are using it for a while already, wouldn’t that classify it as at least as beta or even better? Maybe it is worthwile thinking about publishing it. And maybe there is even someone who is interested in contributing. After all, that is how Linux started as well:-)

You mention sharing is not working. So how do you use it with your family? Or is it simply a personal shopping list? And indeed, as sven1234 asked. How do you use it in the store? Via a browser, or an app, or something?



Hi Tobias,

When I wrote the response earlier today I was still hoping some package updates would solve it, but I still have an issue making your app. Can you see from below output what could be the cause?

bert@trout:~/Downloads/grocerylist-master$ make appstore
make npm
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/bert/Downloads/grocerylist-master’
npm run build

grocerylist@0.0.2 build
vite --mode production build

Building grocerylist for production
vite v5.1.6 building for production…
transforming (303) node_modules/@vueuse/components/node_modules/vue-demi/lib/index.mjsKilled
make[1]: *** [Makefile:88: npm] Error 137
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/bert/Downloads/grocerylist-master’
make: *** [Makefile:128: appstore] Error 2

In the meantime, and if it does help at all, I have used the notes app to create grocery lists with markdown.

The files themselves can be shared with others and you can put the files on a widget for easy access.

The main drawback would be the lack of a ‘grocery history’ type option. So the above serves more as just a simple list.

I was going to mention the grocery list app, but I see others have.

Alternatively, albeit I have not personally used it, there is also this Android app that is capable of syncing with NC.