Looking for developer for files app add-on

I’m looking for a developer who can program an add-on to the files app that will allow the user to place a filter on the current view based on search terms or tag. This is different from the current search functionality because it will allow the user to maintain their current view and just filter out irrelevant items.

Please reach out of interested and we can discuss what I have in mind and we and figured out time required. I believe this feature will be very useful to other users as well. Will pay for the work.


I might be able to help you.

I don’t have experience with modifying the Files app, but I’m fairly versed in Nextcloud app development (see my contributions for Mail, Social, Groupfolders, and my iOS app deck-react-native. I’m also developing an app from scratch for a French company).

I’m going on holiday for a week tomorrow. We can talk when I’m back.

Best regards,


Thank you, I look forward to talking with you when you are back from holiday.


I’m back from holiday. Do you want to schedule a videoconf or something?



Yes, what is your email? I will coordinate with you a time to connect.

My email address is cyrille [at] bollu [dot] be