Looking for Application Developers Frontend Backend for Nextcloud used as Community Hub for Mixed Reality Games

Who we are

We, denialofservice.fail, are an cooperative of experts involved in tech, science, game -design, performance, communication , theatre, film, live-action-role-playing and more.

Why we use Nextcloud and need two custom built Applications

  • While we are developing mixed reality games which can be played On- and
    Offline simultaneously we don’t have something like audience
    and are in need for a “Hub” which brings us and the people we play with together.

  • After a deep evaluation of different systems we decided to make Nextcloud the base for our development of a dedicated Community Hub because it fits most of our design standards which we try apply on all parts of our work:

Our Design-Standards:

  • inclusion beats exclusion
  • Open-Source beats proprietary solutions
  • No Datamining and as little logs as possible
  • implement features in an agile way
  • sustainability is core
  • Data-Security is core
  • Privacy is core
  • Mental and Physical Health of all people working and playing with us is core

What we are looking for

Therefore we are looking for people that have the skills and ambition to add the functionality we need to the Nextcloud 21 environment by

  • programming Frontend and Backend of two applications by the standards of the Nextcloud APP Developer Manual.

  • While the two Applications we need are quite specific we would like to discuss them with you in person.

How we want to achive this

  • Together with our Game & UX-Design Team, who already put our ideas into draw.io diagrams and FIGMA we offer you an interesting freelance job in a focused, diverse and open-minded team.

Outlines and Deadlines of the Project

  • We need 2 Custom Built Applications

  • All Applications will be used for a longer period and will be
    realeased as Open-Source at the end of each developement-cycle

  • The Applications will be improved with each game and funding in
    the future (we want to use them for a longer time)

  • Our project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (Germany)

  • We are based in Berlin, Germany

  • You can work remotely

  • scheduled start for the project is the 1st of April 2021 (No-Joke)

  • We need the applications in their first productive version to be ready for the players on 1st of July 2021

  • end of the project-cycle will be the 30th of September 2021

Get in touch

  • we hope we were able to catch your attention and are looking forward to receive a short “Hello” from you by PM or direct reply on this post

  • afterwards we would like to meet each other and speak about the project in Person via Video-Call

  • Basic Interest in Games, Role-Playing and Theatre can be helpful but isn’t expected

We are looking forward to learn more about you!

Have a nice weekend and kind regards