Looking for an easy way to copy files from Dropbox Business to Nextcloud

We have Dropbox Business for 3 users.
Recently I configured my Nextcloud and it is running fine.
The next step is to copy the files from the Dropbox accounts to the corresponding Nextcloud accounts.
I prefer to find an easy solution.
Who can help me?

Best regards,
Guido van Harten


have you checked appstore for dropbox-app? there is one… try it… :slight_smile:

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That app is not tested. So I guess it is not safe to use it. Is that right?

as you resisted to give out any valid information about your instance i really can’t tell you. it seems to be tested for nc versions 15-18…

if you’re running nc19 you could either testdrive it yourself as well as filing an issue under https://github.com/DJaeger/files_external_dropbox/issues

anyways don’t always deny to give out infos while posting threads. thank you.