Looking for a way to access Nextcloud AIO locally, like a network share

I’m trying to figure out local access for NextCloud AIO, without the need for a bunch of drive space on the accessing PCs (like is needed with Nextcloud Desktop). The storage drive is approx. 15 TB and I have nowhere near enough space on any of my other devices.

Of course, just setting up network shares of the cloud directories (e.g. DATADIR/admin/files) won’t work because adding files direct to the drive doesn’t sync properly. I’ve tried using WebDAV but Window’s 4GB file size maximum (after editing the registry files) won’t be enough for my usecase (large project files, dvd rips, etc). I’ve looked into alternate WebDAV clients like NetDrive but most of them have some kind of monthly cost, which… cutting down on subscription fees is one of the main reasons I’m trying to go self-host.

Currently running Nextcloud AIO inside Docker on Windows. Completely fresh install, minus a few additional users and some small files for testing. If any further info is needed, let me know.

Don’t you just want to activate virtual files?

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Not quite, with files being stored on the user system. I’m looking for something more akin to WebDAV.

Hell, WebDAV itself would probably work perfectly, but Windows limits uploads to 4GB, and software I can find either can’t mount it or has a monthy subscription tied to it.

I figured it out.


  • In the Docker Run command, mount N:/ as an external mount (NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT env variable)
  • In the Nextcloud UI, set up N:/USER as a external storage, with folder name “/”, only usable by USER
  • In Windows, set up N:/USER as a network share

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