Looking for a UK based and owned Managed Nextcloud host, preferably a worker co-op

Bit of a long shot this. We are looking for a provider that us UK based, UK owned, does not have a parent company in the US, and preferably has a strong social and environmental policy. Preferably a worker cooperative however not essential at this stage. The key thing is that we don’t wish to manage the server or the instances. Our smallest instance will be just a few users, our largest might be sixty users.


Interesting priorities…

This is true. I run an IT business with a stated purpose of:

“To use, and encourage the further use of, effective, and socially responsible technology solutions”

And so we really want to give our money to businesses that improve social cohesion as opposed to profit margins for shareholders.

If a German company is also ok, please contact us!

That is very kind thanks however we specifically want a UK host, sorry!