Looking for a NextCloud dev for some customisation

Need some dev help with NextCloud some custom features.

Can you please also list features you need ?



sure, I need a feature to allow a user to share the same file with multiple emails at the same time ? I enabled sharebyemail app shipped with NextCloud but it only supports sharing with one email at a time.

Dang, itโ€™s a core limitation of Nextcloud.

Did you try creating a circle for your share?

hi ,
I would like to make the nextcloud client for windows , android and IOS version in my brand name and connect to my server . How much you charge for this ?
Tanvir Ahmed

Think if it is really useful to use an own client. MangentaCLOUD ships clients but the user must not use them. Also i think the normal Nextcloud clients are better. You can see a little bit branding/design also in the normal Nextcloud client. Think about security, updates, app stores, โ€ฆ

MagentaCLOUD example:
MagentaCLOUD Software & App | Telekom

If your user have two or more Nextclouds they want to manage them in only one app. Only if you have a big company it seems to be useful.