Looking for a freelancer to develop admin panel

We are looking for a developer to build the admin panel. Yes, I know if I login into my admin account, I have some admin feature.

We need a separate admin panel to:

  • manage our customers (add, delete, block the users)
  • manage the files (check them, delete the files etc)
  • menu to add new space (new hdd, external etc)
  • analytics to check how many users we have, how many files we have, how many space has been used in total etc
  • create user levels. For each level assign a different available storage space.
  • Integrate payment method.

These are some of the features we need for the admin panel.

For the proposals, please send us an email to mailru@plunk.it

there is no one interested in this job?

maybe you wanna give out some more details about your company and/or payment? That could help gaining more attraction.