Looking for a developer for Files App plugin

Hi, we are a group running MetaProvide, a small not-for-profit organization with the goal of helping well-being providers help more.

We have an open-source side project to integrate our favorite decentralized storage network Swarm with our favorite file hosting platform Nextcloud.

The idea is to develop it as a plugin utilizing the external storage feature in Nextcloud. The general architecture has been laid out and can be found in the repo here:


We are looking for a Software Developer who can come on board to take ownership of the actual implementation.

Skills we are looking for are:

  • Experience working with PHP, Vue.js, and relational databases
  • Experience with Nextcloud development
  • Experience working on open source software
  • Experience with decentralized technologies
  • A good understanding of HTTP

It would be a bonus if the person is:

  • Working from Europe
  • Interested in spiritual growth
  • Interested in open source software

If this person sounds like you, and you would like to hear more, then send a message with a description of yourself and what you have worked on along with a link to a portfolio of some sort. Links to GitHub or other code hosting sites are welcome.

Then we can have a chat about payment and further details surrounding the project.

Have a great day!