Longevity of "user_sql" app


First of all, I’m sorry for my english.

Since many years I use the “External user support” app with IMAP authentification because it works fine and it’s always been an official app. That’s important because it’s a fundamental app for me.
But it’s not official anymore and I’m afraid this app is dying.

Because my email accounts are stored in a mysql db, I can directly use the user_sql app. I tested it quickly on a test server and it works fine. Before preparing a migration on my production nextcloud instance, I’d like to know if this app have a long support, if it could be an official app.
You understand I won’t switch to “user_sql” if you think the support will end in one year, for example.

If the app is not official it’s not a big deal, the most important thing is the longevity/support. What can you say about that ?

Anyway thanks for this very easy to use app. It seems great, I’ll test it more and more. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.