"Long time user" feedback

Hey everyone, I was using OwnCloud since version 3 or 4 if I recall correctly, and it was a pain in the … let’s say neck. Every Update, no matter if major or minor, had a high percentage of braking something or requiring a complete re-setup/re-installation. And this wasn’t just me a good friend went trough the same pain.

Once Nextcloud came out I’ve simply tried it and setup a blank new Instance…

I recently had an issue with the Two Factor app blocking my Admin from logging in (click) and for fixing this I had to edit the DB. While doing this I’ve looked at the description I’ve gave the DB and was surprised to see that I’m still using the same DB as of now.

Since the first version till now, NO Issue with Upgrades/Installations of apps and what so ever ! NextCloud simply works !

Thanks NextCloud Team !


Same here. Started with v3 and v4 was very, very hard. Spend many days in forums of OC and white page errors nearly killed me.

As soon as NC came along it was so easy to upgrade without having bad feelings before.

Same here. Since the first version of Nextcloud I switched from Owncloud to Nextcloud. Since these days I had no problems with updates. Nextcloud works really good. :slight_smile: