Login page - remove / edit text


Can someone explain to me how I can change or remove the text in the login.
Or which files need to be edited for this.
Thank you.

It is the text:

Log in to Nextcloud

(see screenshot)


Kann mir jemand erklären, wie ich den Text im Login ändern oder entfernen kann?
Oder welche Dateien dafür bearbeitet werden müssen.

Danke schön.

Es ist der Text:

Melden Sie sich bei Nextcloud an

(siehe Screenshot)


Ich habe es einfach über einen CSS Code gelöst, ohne groß irgendwelche Systemdateien zu editieren, die bei einem Update überschrieben werden…
Der Text verschwindet dann im Design…

Custom CSS:

.login-form__headline {
display: none;

Hello @aachener and welcome to the communityforums of NC.

As you have posted your answer in german only and as this is generally an international forum (standard: english) I moved your topic over to german subcategory.

Apart from your tinkering around there would be a common way of adjusting that text…
under https://your.url.here/settings/admin/theming
the loginscreen will show every name that you would give your server (earlier you needed theming-app - it could happen that you don’t need to install that extra since it could be a part of the core in the meanwhile)

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I simply solved it using CSS code without having to edit any system files that would be overwritten during an update…
The text then disappears into the design…

Custom CSS:

.login-form__headline {
display: none;

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Hello and thank you for the tip.

I didn’t want to change it via the admin interface because I wanted the slogan and text completely gone.
Hence the CSS solution…


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moved it back to int’l part after you added english translation :wink: