Login Loop Redirect - Anmeldung nicht möglich

Hallo zusammen,

leider gibt es seit diesem Jahr wieder ein Login-Loop mit Redirect auf die Login-Seite.
Kann mir hier jemand helfen. Habe bereits alles durchsucht, hat aber nix geholfen.

unfortunately, since this year there is again a login loop with redirect to the login page.
Can someone help me here? I have already searched everything, but it didn’t help.

Version: stable channel

NextCloud auf PLESK

Danke für eure Hilfe.

If you say again, how did you solve it the last time? Did you upgrade your system or Nextcloud recently?

Hello tflidd, the error has already been described several times in the past years, but the triggers were always different. I have tried all these solutions without success. I have reinstalled the cloud on different domains and the error occurs everywhere.