Login input field missing with different desktop browser!

I have a problem to login in to Nextcloud with a clean installed Edge and Opera Browser, because the input field, where to type the credentials is not appearing / missing. I face the same issue with the Mobil browser! See screenshot below:

If I use the Firefox Desktop Browser there is no problem. See screenshot below:

Everthing else is working smoothly, only this login problem gives me a headache :thinking: :hot_face:

I am using Nextcloud 18 (newest stable release) with PHP 7.3 and MySQL 5.7
the domain is behind a Cloudflare proxy If I disable the cloudflare proxy the problem still remain!

Rocket Loader is not supported.

The Nexcloud domain is not using the rocket loader and why I am able to Login with Firefox? :thinking:

Why do you think I told you that Rocket Loader is not supported?

Ok! But why Firefox Desktop is working? I what can I do, to solve this!

@kesselb Daniel, I found a solution and disabled the Rocket Loader in Cloudflare with a Page Rule - disable performance for the domain! Now it is working! Thank you for the hint! :upside_down_face: :grinning:

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