Login form disappeared


I am using Nextcloud 22 on a webserver from Hosteurope = GoDaddy since two weeks or three.

It works good and I used tree computer and my smartphone to syc some data,

but now, the login form via webinterface disappeared and looks like on this screenshot:

I tried several browser and it seems that this is not the problem.

I did no changes at the system at all and wonder why this error is there.

Only thing I changed is that I am now using cloudflare as cdn for my mainpage, and my Nexctloud uses a subdomain of this main domain. Maybe the problem is the combination cloudflare and Nextcloud?

So could you please help me to get access to my NC? I would really appreciate that.

Thanks and regards

I was able to fix this error.

It was a problem with Clourflare. I deactivated the proxy for the subdomain at the cloudflare dashbord (DNS submenue) and now the login form is working.