Login Button Unclickable and Slightly Greyed Out on Nextcloud IOS app and browser iPad Pro

Nextcloud version: (Docker)
Operating system: Ubuntu 24.04
Apache version: 2.4.59
PHP version: 8.2.20

The first time I logged in into my ipad via ios app is through username & password and it was successfull. Then, I revoke all device sessions due to some issue.

After that, I login to Nextcloud on all devices and it was successfull without problem ACCEPT on ios App on my iPad Pro 2021. The latest version it can run is (on ipadOS 14.2). I entered the URL to my Nextcloud and then it shows me a screen with a Login-Button which is not clickable and slightly greyed out. I want to connect Onlyoffice ios app to Nextcloud however unable to login because of the unclickable login button. I tried to go to my server url but stucked in a page with only Nextcloud logo and no other button.

same problem on ipad mini 2 with iOS12, not showing login fields, Nextcloud

@retiarylime can you please create an issue here GitHub - nextcloud/ios: 📱 Nextcloud iOS App. Thx

This could be a problem, not sure. I think 15 is the minimum supported.

What you can try as a workaround is to create an app token in the web interface (Under Settings → Security), there’s a button to show a QR Code. Use that in the iOS app to login.

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