Logging level and windows desktop client


How can we control logging level with windows desktop client ?

With some users log files are pretty big (over 400Mo) and 98% are info and debug logs. I didn’t find how to keep only warning level logs.

We use version 3.1.3 for desktop client and 21.0.2 on server.

Thanks for attention

Open a command line window, change to the Nexcloud client directory and execute “nextcloud.exe --help” to get all available command line switches displayed :wink:

Thanks, but it is the same on this page https://docs.nextcloud.com/desktop/3.1/advancedusage.html and there are no option to disable debug logs :confused:

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I checked several clients log on win7/10 and all the lines seems legitimate. I just warned users on smalls ssds. I found logs between 10 - 300 mo - corresponding to users activity…