Log of connections?

I am new here, not sure if I am in the right section

I am looking for a feature or app, where I can see from the admin website which users have logged in and possible when etc.

Is ther some way or app for this?

thanks in advance

take a look at the audit log - this provides very good insights…

update: previously I shared outdated link. thanks @jtr

Oh, yes thanks, actually I thought there exists something usable from the GUI. Like an extra app or so. There is no access to CLI here.

All I could find is the log function in the admin portal, but this gives only error listing in rather cryptic way.

You can absolutely access the audit log from the Web interface. I think @wwe inadvertently posted a link to the ancient docs. :slight_smile: The newer ones have the process for integrating into the web interface:


(those are the docs for NC28/unreleased, but the audit log stuff documented in there is valid going back to >=NC24… and earlier even; I linked to these because the docs were just recently revised to better document how to configure the audit log).

It looks interesting, but there is no admin audit app available for installation.

The installaed loging function logs errors only so far I can see it. Just thousands of some php errors

Please note that I can not go to some Cli settings and operations.
Where to find the admin audit?

I am on NC27 and there is no admin audit app offered.

Logging is in version 1.17.0 active

If you go to Settings → Apps and search for “Audit” it’s definitely there to be installed as “Auditing / Logging”

As for the default installed logging, what it logs depends on your local logging configuration. That’s partially up to you. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to go to the CLI to enable/configure audit logging, but you will have to modify your config.php and add the configuration I previously linked to.

Out of curiosity, why can you not do any CLI settings/operations?

No, negative. All what is offered is the defoult logging app.
And yes, there are tickboxes to be selcted, but I have selcetred them all.

In the description an admin-audit as an extra app is mentioned, but such
thingis not offered to me.

All I get there are lot of php errors. But nothing else. Even if I
download the logfile, it does not contain more.

What I am after is some usefull log app to check for example connections
to see who of my user group did log in and when.
This information I could not retrieve from that log file.

Why not Cli?

My instance of NC is hosted on an external server, I do not have the
server in front of me. I have only admin access to the NC gui and not to
all bellow it.


The app is called “admin_audit” and has “Auditing / Logging” as descriptive name

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this is the one which is installed already and there is nothing else

But this does mainly crete endless list of php errors. Can not see other use of it nor any other app doing something more human readable


my aim was in fact to get somehow a list of users which contact the nextcloud, some simple table list or so.

I was used to have it on other systems, so I was expecting this to be possible here to, but it seems not exist so far.

When I create an user and ‘welcom’ mail ist sent out, I have no feedback if the user really logged in and what users use the system really etc.

If you follow the process documented in the link we already provided, you’ll get what you’re looking for:

as I mentioned earlier, this instruction is of no use to me, as I can not enter any command via Cli.

Yes, I can download the log file and attempt to read it, but this is just an endless text with no particular meaning.

I can not add anything to any config.php.

An extra app called admin_audit is not listed for installation, thus no av to me.

Therefore I can not have the admin_audit as it is not offered for download and installation.

or can you tell mei how do I do this without acces to command line operations?

I can use only admin account from the gui

when I download the log file, it is landing in my ‘download’ folder on the windows computer.

Where do I find all the rest and the config.php?