Log in on 11.02 takes over 30 seconds!

A fresh install of NC 11.02 on CentOS 7, Apache, php5.6.30 is taking over 30 seconds to log in. Now I know I have a cache issue, but that would be unrelated. Also I might add you broke the .htaccess trick again in this version for CentOS/Apache users. I am glad I saved my old .htaccess file and some notes.

Anyway, the big deal is the login time. I cannot use mobile devices as they time out before waiting 30+ seconds on NextCloud to log them in. Any ideas anyone?

Dropped the db, reinstalled and the waiting period is over. BTW, I did try and disable the brute force setting which made no difference… Now to figure out how to get the index.php out of it! Grrr…

Correction, that lasted for ONE LOGIN!

Still having same issue as stated above.

I think it has to do with the new db collation, but I changed both my Administrative user name and shortened the password along with removing all special characters and that has done it for now.

The same old credentials worked before, so should I ask is this documented? Did I miss it somewhere?

It also could be related to the bruteforce mechanism…
…have a look into your database for the bruteforce table…

Yes, thanks. As mentioned above, I shut that off in the config.php file when this first happened. Pretty sure my long password with upers, lowers and special characters (32 characters) combined with a long username was the problem. This was the first time using the new db UTF-8bin.

Thank you for the response.It might help others.

Perhaps it would be better to don’t shut it off than deleting the correspondingly ips in your bruteforce database-table

It’s not a bruteforce problem, it’s the amount of files transferred that is. If you display the debugger, you should have more than 250 requests at login.

A PR has been done, but it will apparently be in the next version of Nextcloud: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2272