Log file readability

Why is it the log file format is so badly readable?
Couldn’t it be in a format that is less cluttered?
I’m a human and no bot. And I would really prefer a log that has something like a date in the first column a key in the second and the message in the third column.

Without millions of backslashes in it.

What’s the reason behind the current formatting and you’d it be changed?


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I cannot answer your direct question - however I do have a good hint for you.

The app “log reader”:


displays the NC log in a very human readable and nice way. You can read it directly in your NC Account and it’s only activated for admins.

Well the idea is to use a log reading tool for this.
Either the admin interface or an app like https://github.com/nextcloud/logreader

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Thanks, but you know, I’m an IT guy.
I want to be able to ‘tail -f’ and get some information on the fly.

Besides that, I can’t really understand why one would generate an awful log format and then get a fancy tool to be able to read it…


Well you won’t get a better answer then “we use JSON, to allow external tools to analyze it”.

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And what do I use in NC 11?
No Log-reader app available….

It’s integrated into the Admin Menu

OK, I can see that. But it would really be helpful to see what’s going on now.
At least being able to jump to the end would be required …

And after having changed the log level, it now s ays «No Server logs. Everything is working fine».

Yeah, except I can’t see any logs that is…

Actually is it still possible to change the log level on the new log page? I can choose which logs to show, but that doesn’t change something on the logs that are produced.

Nope. Nothing showing. I can now no longer change the log level because the menu is gone as well.
Probably have to change this manually in the guts of the database….

The log level can be adjusted in the config.php.

Showing and hiding logs of different levels in the log viewer works fine and smooth for me via the check boxes. But an adjustment of the log level would be also nice here, as it was possible before.

I have the same problem with NC 11 one admin disables warning in the menu and now no admin can access the log anymore. Changing the loglevel to 0,1,2,3 or 4 restarting server and login again no server log everything is working fine.

the menu is not there using Firefox nor using chrome by mobile,

server info
PHP 7.0.8
mySQL Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.28-MariaDB
Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)

Hi, I confirm. I also cant read system logs with GUI.
I changed logging levels of the system, and after that everything has dissapeared.

PHP Version: 5.6.29
Database Type: mysql Version: 5.5.52
OS CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)
Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

Actually changing the logs shown in the web ui log viewer DOES change the log level accordingly in config.php. I was able to set the log level from 2 (warnings) to 3 (info) and everything worked fine. But after setting it to 5 (off) in the web ui (by disabling all check boxed) all logs disappeared as they should, but also the top selector to change the log level back again. Also changing the log level directly in config.php back to “2” again and disabling/enabling the log reader didn’t help. The selector does not show up again, nor any logs so far. I will see if this changes, when the next log entry will be generated.

How do we reanimate the log reader in Admin, once it has disappeared?
There really is a bug that if you set the log level to 5 (off) in the web ui (by disabling all check boxed) all logs are gone and you can’t get them to show up again.

Confirmed - I do have the same issue NC11 final. Had to change loglevel in config.php.

Works quite fine here.

It doesnt work.
How it is possible to induce a record at log register?

@nickvergessen - hmm, if you disable displaying all logs, you still have the menu for changing loglevel view?