Log error "Could not deserialize persisted classifier"

I have following errors from mail app in nextcloud log:
OCA\Mail\Exception\ServiceException: Could not deserialize persisted classifier 3: File /tmp/oc_tmp_wKOmYa does not contain any data.

Today I had 19 messages like this in the log with different file names and different classifier IDs.

It seems that the error is triggered from execution of cron.php

Occurence of the exception is here:

Whatโ€™s wrong here?

Mail App version 1.4.0
Nextcloud version 18.0.6

Sounds like a bug. I would report it at https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues.

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Yep. This is quite unexpected. Please report so we can have a closer look.


Issue is already reported by ovv:

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