Log error after upgrading from 27.x to 28.0.1

I just upgraded two systems from 27.x to 28.0.1.
First one seemed to get through fine so I went to the second. The second system gave me an error in the administration Settings/Overview section/Security & Setup warnings, “There are some errors regarding your setup. / Error occurred whilst checking server setup”.

When checking the log log, I noticed that it isn’t accessible any longer, not on the second system and as I found out also not on the first system.
The UI in both cases comes back with “could not load log entries” and the log stays empty

I can see the log is in use though, as I can tail -f the file just fine from the cli and I see entries getting added.

Both systems are Docker based, update happened via docker-compose down --rmi all / up -d as I used to do for years.
OS is Debian, DB is Postgres 17, in both cases.

Given that I haven’t noticed any other issues this may be a minor regression, happy to provide more detail to help pin it down.

take a look at


Thank you for that link! Adding

include mime.types;
types {
text/javascript js mjs;

…seems to have fixed the the log issues. Although sometimes one of the logs still times out.
Machine one is now complaining about a missing php file:

This instance is missing some recommended PHP modules. For improved performance and better compatibility it is highly recommended to install them: bz2.

Apparently bz2.php has been forgotten with the Docker image?

Machine 2 still shows the setup error from my initial post. Can’t tell right now what the actual error is.
This needs more investigation…guess I should have waited for 28.1 instead of 28.0.1 :slight_smile:

I got that error about missing php modules also. Installed the php modules, still had log troubles. I logged into my server via ssh and manually deleted the log files in the /var/www/nextcloud/data folder. The logs were then showing up as expected in my nextcloud instances, but now the logs take 10-15 seconds or so to populate.

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I decided to downgrade again, way too many issues with v28.0.1
Will stay a major version behind going forward…