Lock file while using

Hi, when I open a word document i miss a sync to lock the file for other users. Is that not possible with local files?

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No, not at the moment, sorry.

Thanks. I think this feature is easy possible thru automatic rename file while its in use (set it with right click nextcloud-menu). For example: 1_inuse_myfilename.doc

The problem is that you have your files synced and they are available without internet connection. The use via webdav-network storage is the better choice (locking is supported).

However, the native Windows implementation is not the best (check the old owncloud forums).

okay, but there is no webdav client that lock files, or? Or di Microsoft lock files when I open it? Unfailing?

Normally you can lock files with a webdav client, e.g. the os x client failed when locking was disabled (https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/17732).

I also think this feature shoul dbe available. Perhaps the admins should could set this option to true or false. In Windows it`s like that, when somebody opens an document in an networkfolder there will be a lock on the file. otherwise it´s not possible to work on the same files with different clients. so an option like, can only edit file when online for example would be very usefull.

If you mount nextcloud as a network resource via webdav, this should work as well. In this case you are doing the modifications directly on the server.

Hi @tflidd,

thanks for your reply. i tried with native windowsexplorer, but after typing credentials, there weren`t accepted. Apache tells me 503:

[30/Mar/2017:12:23:10 +0200] “OPTIONS /remote.php/webdav HTTP/1.1” 503

This is confusing my self a bit. and other apps for webdav a cannot try because of company-policies.

Native webdav support in windows is not very good. Most people end up using some 3rd party software, there should be a couple of threads here on the forum.

not really

please support native solution

this is no solution. it`s an bug at github.
there is no way at the moment to edit files by groups - no file lock like at windowsshares. how do you guys handle with that?

True. But once it was identified as a bug and reported on github, there is nothing we do in the user forum, so it is “solved” here.

It’s marked as an enhancement, but no milestone has been set. So it doesn’t seem to have a high priority and waits for a developer to step in.

How do you handle the case where the user is working on a document offline? You can lock the file, but the user will never know and the next time he syncs, there will be a conflict.

so no further action to solve this?

There is no milestone set for this. So no developer started working on this. If this important for you, you can start developing, putting money on this problem via bountysource or subscribe to enterprise support.

great answer due to an open source project :-*

I understand the problem that users can work on their files offline, and in this case a lock would have no effect. In practice, people are online, so in most of the cases the lock will be effective.

Shouldn’t this be easy to fix? Just allow syncing of the .~lock.documentname.odt files, and we are done!

Or is there a way to manually allow for syncing of the .~lock files?

Thank you.

is there any change in behavior @nc12.02?