Locate the duplicate images

Hello, Iā€™m using the provider https://ann.nl.tab.digital/
Since I have uploaded the entire phone gallery to the cloud twice, I wanted to know if it is possible to locate the duplicate images in order to free up cloud space.

Because you use a Managed Nextcloud you can only use the included features of the Nextcloud and the client features e.g. Nextcloud desktop or WebDAV.

I think the best way is to delete all pictures in the Nextcloud and upload them again.

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Thank you very much, but anyway is there a feature that allows you to do that?

There is an app Duplicate Finder (offical support only up to Nextcloud 24), not installed from your hoster. Also you maybe manipulate it with your Nextcloud desktop client or WebDAV if you use a client side software to find duplicates. On linux you can e.g. mount it with davfs2 and then perhaps use linux tools. If you get all checksums you can delete files with the same checksum.

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