Local vs. remote sync

I am currently setting up NC from scratch as a new user.

I have set up a reverse proxy to gain access from the internet, but when I am in my local network I want to bypass the reverse proxy to gain sync performance.

Is there a way to detect the “home” network automatically, or at least a switch to change from external to internal use?

If you have an internal dns server you should be able to add a record to point nextcloud.domain.com to the internal ip address. Or you can edit the hosts file and add the same thing there example nextcloud.domain.com I use the first option in my home network as it changes it for all of the computers in the house that connect to nextcloud. If you use the second option then every time you leave your house you will have to remove the entry from the hosts file.

Pity… i was hoping I could avoid setting up a DNS Server. But maybe my OpenWRT gives me some options. Let’s see when I get home.
The hosts modification would be a last resort ^^


Yes, your home router normally uses a DNS resolver. With OpenWRT the chances are quite good that you can make manual changes (you can also use it to block add servers ;-)).

you can setup multiple domains for your cloud, in different vhosts, but don’t forget to mention them in the nc config and collabora, if you use that.

A small config on the DDWrt fixed the internal vs external issue

Well I did set up a vhost for nextcloud and one for my other server, but I still fail connecting with the client.
I fear the (win) client does not support mutual SSL authentication, right? To harden the connection to my NC I implemented this - which works fine on the browser, but fails for the client.

if you want to use collabora you have to connect via ssl with your browser to your cloudinstance.

Not really sure how far they are with client certificates:

Let’s mark this as solved, open a new topic for a different issue.