Local Nextcloud Cache and Amazon S3 Sync


Thanks for great program.
I’ve had a idea in my mind. I download alot of new animes and movies and tv shows daily then encode them to my needs and upload it (currently) to my centos machine which then sends 1 day old files to Amazon S3.

Can you guys help me making something like
Nextcloud Panel in which
When i upload it goes to my local machine of centos then in background keeps it uploading to S3 Bucket
And when i need those files again i could download them from Nextcloud (Mounted S3 Bucket) as i have low storage and NVMe storage costs soo much.

Please help community.

PS. I have 1gbps Unlimited Download so downloading is no big deal but uploading gives only 10 MBPS and also i have 10gbps home network so uploading it on local centos server with NVMe drive makes sense because then i can shut down my main workstation and chill out