Local LAN access

Hello I am new to this forum and this program too.
I setup a Nextcloud site in my nas box using docker and I perfectly able to use it through internet from anywhere,
But I want to know that if I access my Nextcloud site from lan environment is it use internet data to transfer files in my nas box or it goes internal routing and doesn’t consume my data.

Hi @Chrisgayle, if you access your server with the local ip: no data will used (internal routing is used)
if you are using your Wan ip or domain name (without editing dns of your router) it will use Wan connection.

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Thanks @Mageunic
Ok now I use my lan IP and port to access my Nextcloud.

A good idea - if you have the tecnical skills for it: Setup LAN DNS, with DNS forwarder to any of your choosing public DNS. Then you can set your Nextcloud domain name to poin to the local LAN IP of the Nextcloud, hence you dont need to change profiles in the clients. And you will be able to use HTTPS with the same certificate as you use for the domain name (if using https ofc).


Thanks @Kerasit I will try this.