Local installation not creating tables

I am currenty trying out nextcloud server on my local machine which is windows 10, which is running nginx. I put the nextcloud project in the root directory and opened the setup screen in my web browser

I entered all the information required… gave the setup a MySql user with access to create the tables but the setup does not finish…i get an error while trying to select the user from oc_users table.


When i checked the sql database that nextcloud created no tables where in the database exept for oc_migrations.

Do i maybe need to create the tabled manually or?

No. You should never need to create the database tables manually.

First thing - Windows is not supported as an OS server. This may be the cause of this specific issue, maybe not, but it’s best to start with Linux or resolving any other potential issues may be impossible.

If you just want to try it out get Vagrant (or just Virtual Box, but I recommend Vagrant) so you can create a local Ubuntu VM (use 18.04) and install the server using documentation’s instructions.

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You will get issues because of the windows charset and the php/nextcloud one who is utf-8
As soon as someone will create a file or folder with accent or special character you will turn into sync issues.
Believe me i tried it in the past