Local external USB drive only read permission

I have a working NextcloudPi and a USB-drive for data. I have a second USB-drive sormatted using webb-gui btrfs for backups. It works to write backups using webb-gui.

When mounting the drive /media/usbdisk/ as local external storage i can see everything but not write files or do anything else, its writeprotected. Says You dont have permission…

How do I make it writeble? I need to make my data larger by using a second data-usb-disk so that is the same problem.


Hi !

For Nextcloud or for the user : pi ?

For Nextcloud try : sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/usbdisk/

I want to write files to it inside nextcloud as User logged into website.

And even after that : sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/usbdisk/ it doesn’t work ?

Do you mean you want the owner of the files to be same user as logged in to Nextcloud?

Have run the command in putty and no Changes. Did not work.

Yes. I want to save files to the drive when logged into nextcloud. I want to expand space with one extra usb-drive.

Try running nc-fix-permissions and nc-scan

I have run nc-fix and nc-permission. Did not help.

Now it works. Needed some time…