Local "External Storages" App Fails to work

I have /home and “/” (root) on separate partitions on my drive, and I have installed Nextcloud to the “/” (root) partition. In order to maximize space on my drive, I have to add my /home directory as an external storage in Nextcloud. However, when I use the app and add /home as an external storage, I am not allowed to write anything to it. Uploading files results in a “Forbidden” message, and trying to create folders results in a “Could not create” error. I have tried the other solutions in other forum posts (chmod -R 777, making sure user has rights [user does have rights to access], etc.) to no avail. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what log files (or other files) you need to help me solve this problem.

Bump. Any solutions to this?