Local External Storage issue

Im having issue with my external storage, i have a 1TB toshiba hdd and im trying to add it to my nextcloud server but i cant configure it as it is getting detected in as a storage device but when i add it as a external storage it just doesn’t work (operation is blocked by access user).
Would really appreciate your helping hand as it took me a whole day to configure nextcloud

More information ?

Most likely you should create a symbolic link.

ln -s /tudisk /media/tudisk

the tudisco is a directory that must exist.

Also that your 1tb hdd disk must have permissions

  • www-data:www-data

chown -R www-data:www-data /tudisk
chmod -R 770 /disk

For example, and that will allow the www-data user to write to your disk.

In the external storage you usually see the userland where nextcloud is installed not the host, either docker, or another container.

The /media/data It is inside the container where nextcloud is located

Thanks for you support, the issue was there was not ‘data’ to give permission to :wink: