Loading Collective folder with many files results in Browser crash


I would like to use collectives app for documentation. My documentation will be partly automated (external script will prefill a form and upload it via webdav) and there is no usefull criteria for putting the documents in different subfolders. It’s more the opposit, it wouldn’t make sense to use subfolders.

I expect to get 5k-20k pages within 5 years.

So I tested this case and a bash script created 10k .md files via webdav inside a collective.
After server finished indexing, I tried to open that folder in collectives app in my firefox. The result was a freezing browser tab with 100% cpu load single core. And after some minutes, firefox marked the tab as crashed. This is reproduceable till nextcloud 27 with all apps up to date.

I’m prerry sure, the reason for that is the JS, which “renders” the left Navi-menu and/or the search-“index” at the top of the navi.

Opening that folder via files or search is no problem.

Any hints, how to handle “endless” many files (only limited by filesystem) inside collectives?

Here’s what I would suggest as next steps:

  • Confirm behavior in a different browser
  • Consider posting an Issue in the developer repository for the app (https://github.com/nextcloud/collectives) not so much as a bug but to try to gather some feedback on what/whether it’s a targeted use case for the app

So, another hardware plattform. Nextcloud now runs as alpine LXC container with 4C, 8GB RAM and SSD out of the box only collective app was installed. Test runs on single admin user account.
The first try was a dockerized nextcloud instance with elastic search backend.

OK, I tested it with Chromium as well as Firefox and with “only” 1k .md files (all of them just a copy of the built in “Welcome to your new collective” page). At round about 300-500 files it is getting slower. 1k files seems to be the technical limit of what the browser barely can handle with several “this page slows down” messages. Now I will check the behavior if the 1k files a separated into different folders. After that, I will open an Issue.

Chromium (Version 120.0.6099.62 (Offizieller Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Pop 22.04 (64-Bit)) has the same problems and asks several times if I want to stop that page.

Firefox 120.0.1 (64-Bit)

P.S.: Hell is Nextcloud WebDAV slow…
rm * takes round about 5 10 minutes for 1k files.

Update: 10 folders with 100 files each also slows browsers down till they are unresponsive.

I’m a little disappointed. This is a bad performance. In this state, collective app is not ready for serious usage with a team over a longer period of time inside a single project.

What are you using for your WebDAV client?

debian davfs2 mount library. Then access everything via bash (ls, cp, mv,…).