Load nextcloud server before login to ubuntu

Hello to all
I am new to ubuntu and nextcloud setup but i have figured out and i have installed nextcloud on a laptop with ubuntu 22.04
My question is how to make nextcloud work before i login to ubuntu
Is it posible?

One more question
How to stop from downloading the uploaded files back to my phone

How did you make it not start before you login?

Nextcloud is a web app. Whether it’s available depends on whether your web server daemon is running. It has no connection to your logging into Ubuntu.

Maybe we can tackle your question a different way: how did you install Nextcloud?

Oh you’re probably referring to the Desktop client app, not Server. In that case, the answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish by having it run before you login. There is a command-line client bundled with the Desktop client called nextcloudcmd. But we’ll need to know a bit more about your underlying goals.

How to stop from downloading the uploaded files back to my phone

I suggest opening a separate thread with that question. And including a few more details, such as: which mobile client (Android? iOS?) and what types of uploaded files? (auto-uploads? if auto-uploads, what are your auto-upload settings? etc.)

Ok sorry my mistake
Before login to ubuntu now i see its connecting
When i am closing the lid from the laptop disconnects and i thought that is becose it’s logout but i think the laptop goes to sleep
I have follow a tutorial to prevent ubuntu from going to sleep when i am closing the lid but it looks it is not working
I guess i have to find out how to do this
Thank you very much

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