Load CSS other then "server.css"

I added a theme like described here: server/themes at master · nextcloud/server · GitHub .
I copied the example folder and added some css files next to the “server.css”. But only server.css seems to be loaded. Changes from the other files are not applied. Is there an extra step to load my own css or can I only use the server.css ?
Version: 22.0.0

Using that method you can only load the server.css. A way to work around it, would be to use something like Sass, where you can write your styling and then compile it down into a single server.css file.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the theming folder has been deprecated and will possibly be removed at some point. There are 2 alternatives depending on what you want to do. If you just want to make small changes then the Custom CSS app found in the Nextcloud App store might work for you, https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/theming_customcss

The second alternative is to create a theme as an app in Nextcloud. There isn’t really any documentation on how exactly to go about it, but you can have a look the Breeze Dark theme and possibly use that as a template to get started, GitHub - mwalbeck/nextcloud-breeze-dark: A Breeze Dark theme for Nextcloud

I’m the author of the theme, so if you have any follow-up questions I may be able to help.


that would be a fun online workshop
using the Dark Theme as a template…
please please do fun workshop!!

cheers, kai