Liveblog: Nextcloud Conference #Day2

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Welcome everybody! :star_struck:

This is the Liveblog for Nextcloud Conference 2020 #Day2, We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on and provide real time summaries of the presentation in a written form. So, if you’re not able to watch all the talks, read here for updates and every information you’ll ever need during this weekend!

Note that some talks are meant to be watched and not read, that’s why we’ll start the conference with one of those again today 😉 Stay tuned!

Here’s something you might want to know before the start:

Nextcloud Conference 2020 #Day1 is here in case you missed the presentations yesterday.

  • You can watch the livestream and read the liveblog even if you haven’t registered
  • You can only ask questions if you’re equipped with an account on the conference’s server. Register for the Nextcloud Conference 2020 and we’ll create your account 🧞‍♂️
  • All info needed is here

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Hi, I just realized that the url seems not to point to the correct livestream. If I click on that link the intro from yesterday is still shown.

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Works for me.

@system @rakekniven

The Conference was very cool.
Perhaps you can extract the individually presentations to separated youtube videos.

@jospoortvliet can you answer the solicited video question?

Someone uploaded them to Youtube a few hours ago. Thanks.

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Watching the complete days at once is a huge task :wink:

Yeah we uploaded the day-2 talks, but not yet the Q&A sessions and the day 1 sessions except for the keynote.