Live stream feature needed in nextcloud

Hello Fellow Nextclouders,

it is very good to have nextcloud introduce severall great features which target basic needs of the office workers, individuals and businesses that keeps so many records and looking for places where they can secure them.

I will like to suggest that nextcloud developers should consider packaging a livestream channel into the platform to enable her users and corporate firms showcase live events that are meant to be seen across the world or targeted to certain groups that it may benefit via this platform.

Secondly, the default phone track system is very difficult to comprehend for the users, please try adding something like parental monitoring system like Xnore people’s phones are being stolen almost everytime and such technology is ideal for a cloud platform such as this.

Awesome thanks for NC developers for the good job done so far!

on the live streaming you could have a look to Talk

On the phone track you have the PhoneTrack app
but consider that it seems that the development of the Map app ( is going fast. We could have an improved map app soon…

Well this is quite good but what i mean is something like kind of mobile tracking " Parental monitoring system then for live stream i something like fblive

Well this is pretty cool, but what I mean is something like 80 mobile tracking type "Parental monitoring system, then for live streaming, kind of like fb live