Live help, Venmo you a thank you

I have been trying to get Nextcloud AIO (NCAIO) installed and up and running with external storage working and SSL to my domain. I have been able to get NCAIO working through my domain (getting a safety error but can click on advance and get through to the NCAIO log-in), however, I cannot add external storage. In the process of doing so, I stopped mastercontainer, and recreated it with an extra line -v /mnt/D1 . Now my mastercontainer is in constant restart and I cannot access any part of NCAIO. I am at the point to see if any expert can video chat and walk me through this stuff. I feel like I am almost done. UGH. BTW- NCAIO & Linux Noob.
CPU - I7-4770k
8gb ram
512gB m.2
Ubuntu 22 lts
NextCloud AIO latest, Nextcloud 27 (should be 28)