Live Heic photos and Iphone app

I’ve just tested the last release of the iphone app.
That’s really great to have the support of live photos but the management of heic and live photo is awfull with Nextcloud 19.

In fact the “Photo” section of NextCloud is not usable for 3 reasons :

  1. The heic files does not appear in the web client photo librairy (OK on iphone app but not in firefox or chrome)
  2. The .mov files from live photos should be in a separate folder. A folder named like “live” because it transforms the photo library quickly in something messy. I think that the modification of this destination folder should be done on iphone app.
  3. By default heic files preview are not displayed, you have to read some github issues to manage it.

I’m really thankful for the great work to support the apple specificities and I think that many users use nextcloud to backup their pictures !
I hope that these details are going to be resolved in futur version :slight_smile:


Are your photos uploaded as heic? Auto-Upload changes format from heic to jpg in that moment the upload of that specific file starts. So I have heic on iOS, setting is right to keep that, but Nextcloud iOS app ignores that. Could you look at your Nextcloud if the photos really are heic there and not also converted to jpg?

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All my pics get converted to jpg on my iPhone.
Is that a feature or a bug from the iOS app?

Hi @axl7777,

I think I met similar issues with yours.
My nextcloud app is in iPhone 11 and my setting for HEIC files is to upload HEIC only.
So I am expecting the HEIC files will be upload as HEIC and JPG will keep it as JPG in nextcloud.
But after I check my folder in nextcloud, some JPG will be converted to HEIC.
I used mediainfo in Ubuntu to check and it shows JPG.
seems it is totally a bug.