Listenasicht zu klein / enlarge the left column

wir haben sehr viele längere Dateinamen. Hier sehen wir leider nur die ersten und letzten Zeichen. Kann ich die linke Spalte bei der Listenansicht vergrößern?
we have a lot of longer file names. Unfortunately, here we only see the first and last characters. Can I enlarge the left column in the list view?

Danke und GruĂź

I would like to know this too!

Hi all,
the left column’s size can’t be enlarged within the app right know and I am sure designers would vote against adding a configurable values or something like that.
The app’s tablet layout needs some low though which would solve this issue but that is a matter of priorities :confused:

Can’t understand why

The reason is simply (even though maybe not to be agreed on…): increasing configurable values/behavior/etc. increases the complexity of the app for the users so the goal is always to keep the app as simple to use as possible

But you could add that feature to the expert mode of the app.

Or add a different expert level with that feature enabled.

Well, the right way would be to be able to drag the column width and the client saves that iinfo, while I have absolutely no idea how that could be implemented. Other solution would be to completely drop the 2 pane layout

cc @tobiasKaminsky @jan