List of projects


I wonder where I can find a list of all projects I’m working on (individually or together with others). The manual says:

Once the item has been selected a new project is being created and listed in the sharing tab of the sidebar.

However, I don’t find this list. Where is “the sharing tab of the sidebar”?


at the moment,
you can only view all projects that a file/card/… belongs to.

just klick on “share” of a specific file/card/… to see all associated projects.

hope that helps

Thanks Philipp!

Does this mean that the description in the manual is not correct (yet)? :thinking:

In the meanwhile, it seems to be a suitable workaround to use a Deck board as a platform (dashboard) of a project to which folders and files can be attached.


well, i think they actually meant that in the docs but yes it’s a little bit confusing.

but good solution, i have the same problem and maybe i just copy that :slightly_smiling_face: