List featured apps via OCC command

is there a command on CLI, where i can list only the featured apps ?

i know there is command to list the apps :

/var/www/html/nextcloud/occ app:list

Background: in order to be on the sure side before important (especially Major Upgrades), i do want to disable all 3rd party apps (this is also a Nextcloud recommendation); i do want to write a short script, which will identify all non-featured apps and will disable them by cmd (occ cli).

A command to list only featured apps doesn’t exist. Nextcloud usually takes care of the apps automatically, disables them if necessary and re-enables them if possible.

Thx j-ed … when i’m reading the NC Upgrade Guide, it tells →

Then review third-party apps, if you have any, for compatibility with the new Nextcloud release. Any apps that are not developed by Nextcloud show a 3rd party designation. Install unsupported apps at your own risk . Then, before the upgrade, all 3rd party apps must be disabled. After the upgrade is complete you may re-enable them.

So, do you think,this happens automatically if you do the Upgrde (not manually) ?

I’ve already many manual updates without any need to deactivate 3rd-party apps in advance. I have in mind that they’ve improved the app handling over the last 10 major versions so that you should give it a try.

yes :wink: - so i did it the last couple of years.
But - i got issues during the last upgrade from 20.0.6 to 21.0.1 and thought, it would be some kind of improvement to track/handle this manually.