Linux desktop client doesn't sync local changes

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 3.4.2 (Linux), linuxmint-6.2.0.-34-generic
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Linux Mint 21.2 Victoria

The issue you are facing:

The Nextcloud desktop client won’t sync local changes anymore. Incoming remote changes will be synced, though.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. I set up the client to sync some folders
  2. Made some changes to a file with one of the synced folders which is not excluded by any name pattern
  3. Changes aren’t synced upstream

The output of my Nextcloud desktop log upon start:

2023-10-14 18:38:39:089 [ info sync.discovery ./src/libsync/discovery.cpp:362 ]:	Processing "path/to/some/file.ods" | valid: true/true/db | mtime: 1696948785/1697275228/0 | size: 50201/68171/0 | etag: "6525642ad8f08"//"" | checksum: ""//"" | perm: "WDNVRm"//"" | fileid: "00013398ocqacoydm76m"//"" | inode: 38274357/38274358/ | type: CSyncEnums::ItemTypeFile/CSyncEnums::ItemTypeFile/CSyncEnums::ItemTypeFile | e2ee: false/false | e2eeMangledName: ""/""
2023-10-14 18:38:39:089 [ info sync.discovery ./src/libsync/discovery.cpp:1367 ]:	Discovered "path/to/some/file.ods" CSyncEnums::CSYNC_INSTRUCTION_SYNC OCC::SyncFileItem::Up CSyncEnums::ItemTypeFile
2023-10-14 18:38:39:089 [ debug nextcloud.sync.database.sql ./src/common/ownsql.h:145 ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::bindValue ]:	SQL bind 1 "path/to/some/file.ods"

After changing the file:

2023-10-14 18:51:42:791 [ info nextcloud.gui.folderwatcher ./src/gui/folderwatcher.cpp:187 ]:	Detected changes in paths: QSet("/home/christian/Nextcloud/kassenwart/path/to/some/file.ods")
2023-10-14 18:51:42:791 [ debug nextcloud.sync.database.sql ./src/common/ownsql.h:145 ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::bindValue ]:	SQL bind 1 -2594675561769784717
2023-10-14 18:51:42:791 [ debug nextcloud.sync.database.sql ./src/common/ownsql.cpp:295 ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]:	SQL exec "SELECT path, inode, modtime, type, md5, fileid, remotePerm, filesize,  ignoredChildrenRemote, || ':' || contentChecksum, e2eMangledName, isE2eEncrypted  FROM metadata  LEFT JOIN checksumtype as contentchecksumtype ON metadata.contentChecksumTypeId == WHERE phash=?1"
2023-10-14 18:51:42:791 [ debug nextcloud.gui.folderwatcher ./src/gui/folderwatcher.cpp:65 ]	[ OCC::FolderWatcher::pathIsIgnored ]:	* Ignoring file "/home/christian/Nextcloud/kassenwart/path/to/some/.~lock.file.ods#"
2023-10-14 18:51:42:975 [ info nextcloud.gui.folder.manager ./src/gui/folderman.cpp:1069 ]:	<========== Sync finished for folder [Nextcloud/kassenwart] of account [user@some.server.domain] with remote [https://some.server.domain/remote.php/dav/files/user/]


I had to restore my home dir from a backup, and copied back both the synced files as well as Nextcloud config. After copying everything back, I found that NC had my client fully configured, so everything seemed right.

Upstream changes from the NC servers are still synced to my computer. But local changes aren’t synced back. The logfile lines above are from the invocation of nextcloud -l --logdebug I replaced the original file name but left everything else untouched. That file has changes and should be synced.

How can I reenable the local sync? Is there some cache that needs to be rebuilt, or else? Any help is appreciated. Regards


I had the same problem.
Downstream: any operation → works
Upstream: creating / removing folders → works
Upstream: creating / changing files → does not work
New files or changes to existing files are silently ignored.

Nextcloud client: 3.4.2
Cinnamon: 5.4.12
Linux kernel: 5.12.0-41

This problem seems to be bound to the specific client version 3.4.2. (Or the combination of all.)
All my systems with Linux Mint had this problem. Others - with SUSE or Debian - doesnt. The other systems have different versions of the Nextcloud client.


  1. Download the AppImage from the Nexcloud download page.
  2. Start the AppImage.

Starting the AppImage will update the config file in .config/autostart, so all further use of the client will use the correct version.
However, to still see the nice icons in the file explorers you need to keep the old version from the repository installed.


This did the trick for me too, thanks for sharing!

Ah yeah sure, and which of the commercial solutions offer a desktop client that integrates well with Linux desktop environments and their file managers, if they offer a Linux client at all?

Btw. afaik Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu 22.04, so you could use the following PPA to install the latest version of the desktop client: Desktop client : “Nextcloud development” team