Linux desktop client backup and restore

Hi !
It would be very convenient to be able to restore a Nextcloud linux desktop client config to a freshly installed Linux distrib session, considering we have the previously synced folders already copied.
But when I restore .config/Nextcloud I do have my configuration back, everything but the correct list of ticketed folders… Everything is ticked and the synchronization starts, which I don’t want !

The thing is : if I restore the entire user home folder, I do recover the very same configuration, which the right list of synced folders. But for some OS migrations I don’t want to restore the entire home… But it proves that there must be a way to have a correct config restoration !
I tried to look for other config folders : restoring .local/share/Nextcloud doesn’t help, neither does .cache/Nextcloud…

I hope someone has the answer, have a nice day !

Hmm, then it’s probably in the .sync_XXXXXXXXXXX.db files in the Nextcloud sync folder, or at least I can’t think of anything else…

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That’s it !!! Thank you so much ! I didn’t realize that the way I was backuping the home, excluding hidden folders but also files recursively, was the issue.
When keeping the hidden files it works.
Thanks again

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