Linux Desktop Client (AppImage) default exclude list seems incomplete and differs from sync-exclude.lst

Why does my nextcloud desktop client (appimage) not exclude the files from sync-exclude.lst by default?

Hi, I’m a relatively new Nextcloud user. Once I set up my server, I installed the Nextcloud desktop client from the official Ubuntu repo on my Kubuntu 22.04 desktop. That was version 3.4.2. I immediately ran into syncing issues. After some troubleshooting I realised a more up-to-date desktop client version (3.11.2) was available as an official appimage. I ran that and the sync worked fine from then on.

I took a note of the exclude list that was shown in the old version (3.4.2), because I noticed in the sync log that some of my documents were being matched to that exclusion list due to some filename conventions. I put it on my todo list to come back to once the sync was working reliably.

Now, in version 3.11.2 and 3.12 of the appimage, this exclude list is no longer visible to me. When I click the “three-dot” menu on a folder sync connection and select “Edit Ignored Files”, an empty list appears. When I go into general settings and select the “Edit Ignored Files” button in the “Advanced” section, a short list with the following three entries appears:


The following file was present, presumably as a leftover from the original 3.4.2 installation:

This file (desktop/sync-exclude.lst at master · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub) has all the exclusions that were shown in the Exclude pattern dialogue of the original installation. I removed this file to rule out any conflicts, but still no joy. I have also removed all the desktop client config folders that I could find:


Lastly, I’ve clicked “Restore Defaults” in the “Edit Ignored Files” dialogue, again without any luck.

When I edit a LibreOffice document I can see the lock file being synced by the Nextcloud desktop client. These were previously excluded by that default exclude list in sync-exclude.lst via the entry .~lock.*

Question: Is the appimage supposed to only have a default exclude list of three items?