Linux Desktop Client 3.5.2 login confusion

I have 2 LinuxMint 20.3 PCs running Nextcloud Client AppImage now updated to V. 3.5.2. On both machines, I was asked to authorise the client via my Nextcloud account and on one of them, this now happens every time the client is started.
On the other, the client is connected to 2 servers and on that machine, I was prompted to create a kdewallet key, which I am totally unfamiliar with. So I cancelled out of the prompt for one server and was prompted again for the other, for which I did create the simpler, old style key. I was then prompted to authorise login via my server account. This machine now logs into both servers without any further prompting.
Both machines were using the Mint Login key manager successfully prior to upgrading the client to 3.5.2.
I can revert to the 3.5.1 client which does not suffer from any of these problems.
So, I now have a few questions:

  1. Why did the kdewallet prompt only appear on one machine?
  2. Why, after creating a key for only one server, do they now both log in automatically without further prompting?
  3. Why did I receive the kde wallet prompt at all and without any kind of forewarning or information about what to do?
  4. Why am I being asked to authorise the client on every start on one machine and not the other?
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I’ve experienced quite the same issue:
After updating to version 3.5.2 (AppImage), I’ve once had to reauthorize my account (only one) again. And now, on every app start, I have to “manually” log in via web browser window. Password seems to be saved in keyring, so no need to enter password again. Reversion to version 3.5.1 fixed the issue and the client is behaving normally again. Something in 3.5.2 has definitely changed or is even broken.

Maybe this thread is concerning the same issue:

I’m also running Linux Mint 20.3 and immediately had this problem (NC app requesting to Grant access on every OS login).
Never had the KDE Wallet pop up with the Nextcloud Desktop app ever before.
Also noticed 3.5.2 is slower in performance and crashes frequently when trying to open the settings.

Reverting back to 3.5.1 the problem is solved and performance of the app is back to normal.

There is a very old Issue on Github I found describing exactly the problem: Nextcloud desktop client needs to manually login after every start · Issue #2573 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Please comment there, too, to give that issue more priority.

I’ve marked this post as a solution as it would seem that this upgrade has too many problems associated with it. I too am reverting to 3.5.1

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Same issue with Ubuntu 22.04 with Gnome, back to version 3.5.1 meanwhile. I don’t use kwallet.

After installation of Version 3.5.2 I had to login at every start. When installing 3.5.1 again, only the first start needed a login, as before.
I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 (Gnome) and it seems that there is a problem with gnome-keyring which is used by 3.5.1 but not by 3.5.2.

If all the people affected by this bug are using the AppImage, I think it may be related to a problem during the build of the AppImage.
It already happened in the past, see qtkeychain is built without libsecret support in Linux AppImage · Issue #13 · nextcloud/client-building · GitHub

Update: False lead

Here is an error message from the client log that could be related the problem.
2022-07-15 11:16:49:556 [ info nextcloud.sync.credentials.keychainchunk /home/user/src/libsync/creds/keychainchunk.cpp:346 ]: Backend unavailable (yet?) Retrying in a few seconds. “Could not open wallet: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply; Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.”

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Actually not that too far off, in this github issue #4715 someone found the problem to be within linuxdeployqt but they cant fix it without breaking other stuff so during the build of nextcloud, some files need to be removed.

Luckily, FredericLespez (or is this you?) provided a PR to nextcloud but this now needs some maintainer attention to be merged and part of the next release. Not sure if somebody here in the forums can trigger the right persons.