Linux client don't remember login

Hi, I have installed the nextcloud-client from the official repo at my OpenSuse (Tumbleweed).
My problem is, that at every start it opens the browser with the login/grant access page.
At another machine running Win10 and the resp. client, this does’nt occur.

Is this a problem with the client? Or do I need to grant some user/group/directory/file permissions to the client?

Thanks in advance

Could be a keychain problem. You can use seahorse to check if the credentials are stored in the system keychain.

You can see all registered clients if you open the Web UI with the same nextcloud user (in settings/security).

EDIT: Which Client Version are you using?

You could also try to install:

I installed SeaHorse: under Passwords/Standard keychain there are only Skype entries. Nextcloud I cannot find in any section.
The client version is 2.6.2-1.1
The server is self-hosted at a Raspi in my intranet, current version.

Ok, Solution:
Gnome-keyring was installed, but not libgnome-keyring.
Installing the latter fixed the problem. Now Nextcloud shows up in Seahorse.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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