Linux Client Desktop - Can't Sync right


I have a working server 14.0.4 Nginx - PhP 7,2 - Ubuntu 18.04 and one of my client is on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04
It has installed Nextcloud Client 2.5.0.

But it use a lot of CPU 50% ( dual core, one core is at 100%) and it never goes to finish the sync.

When the client finish to search for modification and try to sync it start sending some bites but hangs, then TimedOut and start again, sometimes it syncs some files… but it’s not working well.

I already increase the TimedOut time in my php.ini but nothing work for me.

On Windows client, no problems…

I followed this topic :

It work nice just for one sync,

Now i have errors with HTTP/2 protocol error or Permission Denied or HEADERS on invalid stream…

I need help

Hi, so i finally get it working…

Here’s what i do :

1- Delete your Account from the client
2- Reconnect it
3- The sync will work, but it can take some times (1,5To to verify)
4- I have several files in conflict (around 45), i had to rename them version 2 or delete them.
5- Sync is okay.

I try to quit Nextcloud Client, relunch it, turn off PC, power it up… And no problems now.